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Kick Rocks 1 of 3

Kick Rocks 1 of 3.jpg
Kick Rocks 1 of 3.jpg

Kick Rocks 1 of 3

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We all have different versions of our selves.

Being exists with multiple dynamics.

While we have to be okay with where we land,

The people who don't like it can "Kick Rocks," She said. 

In general these are images that display the various dynamics of one human being and how after years of appeasing other people it is much easier on our hearts to just accept ourselves for who we are.  My mom is a person that made the craziest effort to teach us to give people the benefit of the doubt and not to judge a person by one experience we had with them.  So when looking for subjects for the work I decided to use her face for the project. 

Image created for Fem + Co at MCA Denver.

The backstory on Fem Fest: Continuing the narrative that began with the ten year run of Feminism & Co., Fem Fest presents a multi-faceted event that connects to broader contemporary issues of gender and popular culture, elevating the discourse around women’s issues and creating a welcoming program for both men and women, boy and girls. “ -Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

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